We Make the Road by Walking

Conversations on Education and Social Change

Paperback, 296 pages

English language

Published Aug. 4, 1991 by Temple University Press.

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5 stars (1 review)

This dialogue between two of the most prominent thinkers on social change in the twentieth century was certainly a meeting of giants. Throughout their highly personal conversations recorded here, Horton and Freire discuss the nature of social change and empowerment and their individual literacy campaigns.

2 editions

Beautiful dialogue between two heroes of experiential education and critical pedagogy

5 stars

This is at least my second reading of this book and I still love it. I see new things in it each time. This time, I see how much Paulo Freire prompted Myles Horton with questions about his work. According to the introduction, Freire wanted to introduce Horton to thinkers in Latin America. And Horton wanted to do the same with Freire, but either the editors were siding with Freire's prompting or he did more to ask the questions, because I do feel like Horton is a bit more primary in terms of representation in this dialogue. As always before, I find Horton's starting every response with a story and sticking to stories is so compelling and so clear that he lived what he practiced. I don't know that a reader walks away getting any clear sense of what Freire or Horton were up to in specifics from this book, …


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