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We're a plural system who loves queer & anarchist scifi and trying out shiny new websites.

No reading goals, just feelings.

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The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2017, Farshore) 3 stars

A middle grade audiobook novel telling an original "tail" of Marvel's cute, quirky, and downright …

I like Squirrel Girl, ok

3 stars

Although this book is not as fun as the comics, imo. Doreen is still in high school, and some things are cool, but there's this big "Hello kids, in this book we show you how to be good" vibe. (Graffiti seems to not be very good usually, but sometimes acceptable.) Also Doreen tells her villain that he's going to prison. It doesn't happen but why do super heroes like prisons so much.

The Future of Another Timeline (Hardcover, 2019, TOR) 5 stars

This is a really intense time travel story, aaah.

5 stars

Ooooof. We loved this. It's about a secret time traveling feminist group fighting a masculinist conspiracy?? And it's a story about reproductive rights that doesn't just ignore the existence of trans people. Sure, it took a while to convince us at some points, and we aren't happy about everything, but whoa, the way this story is told!! And so many… things!! Also… towards the end, we started to realise something that made this feel intensely dystopic but is never said aloud. Aaah. We like it.

A warning: There's a bunch of violence (including sexualised violence) in there, as well as gory reactions to violence.