Small Arcs of Larger Circles (2016, Triarchy Press) 5 stars

This is a collection of essays, reflections and poems by Nora Bateson, the noted research …

Lovely book on systems thinking

5 stars

Close echoes to Gregory Bateson and Gilles Deleuze both. Easier to understand than both, I think. Nora Bateson's prose is often lovely, compelling, poetic. It represents in form the ideas she espouses. Symmathesy and Warm Data are her concepts and she circles them, especially in the latter half of the book. A worthwhile read to those who want to think differently as they work on the problems of our world. And a different way in to understanding Deleuze than Deleuze himself. I'll return to some of the essays in here over the next years, I'm certain. Can be read in small sections.